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What can Porcelain Veneers treat?

Porcelain dental veneers, or traditional veneers, started as a cosmetic dental treatment for people in the entertainment industry. However, with time, veneers underwent many modifications, and their suitability expanded.

Dental professionals started using dental veneers to treat many dental problems and anomalies. Owing to their diversity and sustainability, dental veneers have become one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures worldwide.

In this blog, we will talk about various dental conditions that can be effectively treated with the help of porcelain dental veneers with our dental specialists at The Elegant Smile.

Discolored teeth

A healthy and glowing smile can pick your self-confidence through the roof, make you more approachable, and leave a stunning impression on everyone you meet. However, some dental problems and staining can cause your smile to lose its shine. Some types of teeth discolorations are also resistant to teeth whitening treatment. In such situations, dental veneers can be effectively used to cover heavily discolored or stained teeth and give you a dazzlingly bright smile. If your yellow and stained teeth are preventing you from smiling to your heart’s content, then you can opt for dental veneers.

Chipped or broken teeth

Teeth grinding, accident, or biting on a hard object can all lead to chipped or broken teeth. Chipped or cracked front teeth can compromise your smile and lead to tooth sensitivity. In such cases, dental veneers can be used to rebuild your teeth’s shape, size, and texture.

Crooked or misshapen teeth

Not everyone is gifted with perfect teeth; however, dental veneers can get you the smile of your dreams. Dental veneers can help seamlessly restore crooked or misshapen teeth. They can also be used to fix unequal lengths of teeth so that you have a perfect and well-aligned smile.

Gaps between teeth

If you have tiny gaps between your front teeth and do not wish to opt for orthodontic treatment, then you can opt for dental veneers. Veneers skillfully fill small gaps between the teeth and give you a complete smile.

Concealing large dental fillings

Dental cavities require dental fillings. However, large dental fillings, especially on the front teeth, can be unsightly and ruins your smile’s appearance. Similarly, the hole left after a root canal treatment is also filled with dental fillings but looks terrible on the front teeth. In such cases, dental veneers can come to your rescue. Dental veneers on the front teeth can cover up these large fillings and help you feel more confident about your smile.

Worn out teeth

Oral environment, faulty dietary habits, and conditions like teeth grinding can wreak havoc and compromise our teeth. They wear down the teeth and make them dull. In such instances, dental veneers can be used to rejuvenate your smile.

Please get in touch with us if you have any more questions or want to know more about our services. Our team of excellent dental professionals at The Elegant Smile is here to assist you in your journey to an ever-glowing smile. Contact us today for a free consultation!