Unlock Your Dream Smile at an Unbeatable Price

Get your Elegant Smile at an Unbeatable Value.
Transform your smile with our premium veneers at an exclusive discounted rate. For a limited time only, we’re offering our signature veneer treatment at the unbelievable price of $6,000 – that’s 40% off our regular $10,000 fee! But this deal won’t last long.

2024 Summer Special! for our Columbia clinic

40% OFF

For the first month of the sale starting July 15th. 

20% OFF

For the second month of the sale starting August 15.

% Free

Free cleaning and mouth guard included in the procedure. 

Introducing Elegant Smile Prediction

A Revolutionary Way to Visualize Your perfect smile 

Look great

Feel great

How will i look with veneers?

Our innovative Elegant Smile Prediction service allows you to see a remarkably realistic preview of how your new, dazzling smile will look before committing to veneers. Through this multi-step process, our skilled technicians meticulously craft a personalized visualization tailored just for you.

Approx 600,000 people get veneers every year, according to the ADA.
At an average of $2k per veneer!
$ 0
Our 2024 summer special price per veneer.
$ 0
Average savings per veneer.
$ 0

Getting veneers is EASY

There’s a reason veneers are deemed the “best cosmetic procedure” – they deliver a stunning, radiant smile that instantly boosts your confidence and youthful appearance without any side effects whatsoever.

Now, you can experience the life-changing benefits of our premium veneers at an exclusive discounted rate for a limited time only.

Pain free
Looks stunning
Happiness with new smile

Visualize Your Dream Smile

Here is a detailed description of how the Elegant Smile Prediction process works:


This comprehensive process takes up to one week from start to finish, ensuring every detail is accounted for and your visualization is as accurate as possible. You’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback so we can adjust.
With Elegant Smile Prediction, you can make an informed, confident decision about pursuing veneers, knowing exactly how your revitalized, radiant smile will look.

Book your consultation today to experience this exclusive service and take the first step toward an unforgettable new you!

Submit photos

First, you’ll provide us with high-quality photos of your current smile from various angles. Our expert lab technicians will then carefully analyze these images, taking precise measurements and studying the unique characteristics of your teeth, gums, and facial features.

Lab technician will asses

Armed with these details, they’ll begin the intricate process of designing your new veneer look. Utilizing advanced digital software, they’ll map out the ideal shape, size, and positioning of the veneers to achieve your desired smile aesthetic. This design is then reviewed and refined to perfection.

Design your smile

Next, your veneer design is passed to our talented graphic artists who specialize in ultra-realistic 3D renderings. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, they’ll create a breathtakingly lifelike visualization that allows you to virtually “try on” your new smile before treatment.

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