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Who we are

The Elegant Smile is an international dental care provider with clinics around the world offering comprehensive dentistry packages, specializing in veneer dental work for those looking for the highest quality in care for the best price. Our team of professionals will provide cutting edge dental work using the latest in Porcelain veneers technique.


With years of experience, we have built up a solid credibility profile among respected professionals in the industry and many happy patients.


Although we make the experience as fun as possible, we still focus on getting patients in and out as soon as possible without compromising quality.


We strongly believe everybody should have the ability to afford a beautiful smile and will continue to make it available and affordable.

How can flawless teeth change your life?

There are many reasons for not being very active in oral hygiene. Confidence is one big factor that has a very powerful impact on your well-being and can change your habits for the better. A strong sense of Self will help you maintain control and perseverance over good habits. It will motivate you to engage in activities that improve your health and lifestyle.

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We have locations in multiple locations over the world

As medical cost varies around the world we are happy to offer The Elegant Smile comprehensive packages in what is known as dental tourism to our most popular clinic located in Medellin Colombia with unbelievable discounts.

Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be something you dread, it can feel just like a vacation! with one of our best clinics located in Medellin, our clients will visit the beautiful country of Colombia to work with our world-renowned dentists. Fly down to Medellin, come for a visit to The Elegant Smile and return home with a brand-new smile.

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Trusted by people from all around the globe!

Whether it’s someone coming for the quality or for the amazing pricing and patient-friendly philosophy, we have been attracting people from all over the world and have worked with all different clientele from every walk of life.

Giving Back to Humanity

Did you know 30% people do not have access to a dentist?

That’s what inspired us to do something about it and offer help, as well as try to raise money and resources to support those unprivileged. We have exciting plans for 2022 to really make an impact in peoples lives.  

Please call our office if you want to volunteer or help the efforts. You can also just click the donate button below and donate today for men, women and kids in need.

+1 (212) 895-4444


How we stand out?

We have a proven record of happy, high-level costumers that wouldn’t do anything less than the absolute best, saving tens of thousands of Dollars by doing industry leading standards procedures of quality.

Porcelain Veneers

The Elegant Smile

As low as $500

Average market

Starts $2,000


Check out the latest

As cosmetic dentistry evolves and becomes more and more accessible and mainstream, people start noticing and asking questions in an effort to try to become more knowledgeable and see if and how they can benefit from it.

We here at The Elegant Smile understand the demand for information and the security people want and will put out as much information as possible; the good, bad and the ugly (unfortunately, not everybody cares about long term oral health). 

What can Porcelain Veneers treat?

What can Porcelain Veneers treat?

Porcelain dental veneers, or traditional veneers, started as a cosmetic…

What are veneers made of?

What are veneers made of?

Dental veneers as we know them today have taken the…

Things you should consider before.

Things you should consider before.

Are your discolored and chipped teeth a cause of concern…

What Our Clients Say

Quality, integrity is the 2 words that come up when trying to describe The Elegant smile. highly recommended.

Anissa Rose

I had an amazing life changing experience doing veneers by The Elegant Smile. the service and quality is incredible.

Odel Yavo

Hours after reaching out to Nachi i was on a plane and prepped up for the procedure, I absolutely love the work and cant stop smiling.

Hadas Levy

It took a person like Nachi to come along in my life to have my veneers done and i cant thank him and The Elegant Smile enough for the experience and life changing results.

Yoel Roth

Thank you for changing my life and inspiring and giving me the confidents to smile every day.

Miriam Yavo

Back To a Better Quality of Life

We believe in providing our customers with the best service which is not always just a reliable process, but also emotional support and personal care. Thus, from dental hygienists, lab technicians, dental assistants, to office staff; everyone is trained to put the customers first and always be available to assist them. Our goal is to make every appointment as comfortable as possible, by addressing even the most minor of discomforts while giving our customers the smile they desire and deserve.

Nachi Yavo

The brains behind the operation
Mr Yavo leads all The Elegant Smile global efforts. He is well known for putting smiles on people's faces through various ventures where he built a reputation of a leader through trust and integrity. As CEO of The Elegant Smile, he carries on his passion of delivering affordable access to a confident smile for thousands of people.