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Veneers are an effective way to straighten crooked, discolored, or malformed teeth In simpler terms, veneers are thin shells that are placed over the teeth to improve the aesthetics and color of teeth
Teeth take too much wear and tear for permanent solutions without the right upkeep however, the lifespan for porcelain should go a solid 20 years and composite should do 5-10 years, keep in mind your teeth require love and maintenance. see our maintenance guide for more info
Our best in class warrantee is for 10 years, we will always be there for our clients with the best support and level of care. We are also working hard in rolling out our client exclusive maintenance plans soon, follow us for all exiting news coming
Yes absolutely, some prefer natural shades while others prefer the whitest shade possible, no judgment here 🙂
No. it is actually one of the easiest procedures to do in a dental clinic, no Anastasia, needles, drilling etc.
Taking impressions, creating the stones in the lab, fitting them on the teeth shouldn't take more then 3 days however, in order to do it right and make it long lasting all pre existing conditions needs to be addressed which is determined on a case by case basis
Surface stains are significantly reduced on porcelain as its material is more stain resistant however, stains can still happen by food, drinks, tobacco, coffee, cigars etc. the way to minimize stains is by upkeeping with your teeth and keeping a healthy hygiene. see our maintenance guide for more info
The short answer is in most cases yes, the long answer is with new technology we are doing what's called Micro shaving which isn't noticeable and doesn't require Anastasia also doesn't go nearly enough to touch the enamel but is just about enough to have the veneer stick solid. We believe strongly in preserving natural teeth and go above and beyond to avoid shaving
Not necessarily but after a while neglecting the maintenance you will start seeing darker shades especially on the edges between the teeth , see our maintenance guide for more info
Of Course! the only real effective whitening method is veneers. check out our blog post 'whitening vs veneers'

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